Scout Leader

What are Scouts? 
The Scout Promise and Law
The Scout Section is for young people, aged between 10 and 14 years. 

On Friday nights this year we have: Made stoves out of tin cans; learnt how to use axes, knives and saws; learnt some first-aid; chopped lots of wood; lit fires without matches and cooked on them; made curry, spag bol, chilli, sushi, ice-cream, flapjacks; explored the centre of Oxford; played lots of wide games; disassembled some old computers; explored Marston; tried archery, canoeing, rafting, air-rifles, ice-skating, sailing and dragonboats; and of course lots of games.

As well as weekly meetings we have plenty of trips and camps throughout the year.

Many of our leaders are students and as they keep moving on, we are always looking for more helpers.
For direct contact with the Scout Leader, Jon Yates, email:
jonathan.yates - at -

On My Honour,
I Promise that I will Do My Best
To do my Duty to God and to the Queen
To help other people
and to keep the Scout Law
~ ~ ~
- is to be trusted
- is loyal
- is friendly and considerate
- belongs to the Worldwide
Family of Scouts
- has courage in all difficulties
- makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property
- has self-respect and
respect for others

 Assistant Scout Leaders

 Assistant Scout Leader

Young Leader
Young Leader

Scout Cooking recipes tried and tested by the troop
'10 bins, 4 planks of wood, 3m of rope and a river full of crocodiles.
Sounds like a normal Friday night.'