About us 10th Oxford Scout Group

About Us

Hello, welcome to the 10th Oxford Scout group

We're part of the Oxford Spires Scout District, meeting in the oldest Scout Hall in Oxford. It was 100 years old in 2013! 

All children deserve a great start in life.

We aim to provide this through learning and growing in an inclusive environment, helping them to become better members of society and a better 'team-player' in the world they are growing in to. 

Nearly 100 young people enjoy exciting, challenging, and stimulating activities weekly. This has a positive impact on their lives. We do not instruct them, but give them the building blocks to educate themselves to build the future they want and deserve. 

Our dedicated adult volunteers makes us one of the largest, luckiest, and family-friendly Groups in the District and with the Association's training scheme, we are a highly-skilled bunch of people too. But we need help. Check out our 'Join Us!' page to see how you can help.  

There's no better time to join the adventure and it doesn't matter whether it's you or your child who wants to join us, or even if your child is of joining age yet or not because by using the form on the Contact page, you can sign up now and ensure they are allocated a place when one becomes available.  We look forward to seeing you at the 10th soon.   

Mark Coughlan - Chairman

"All you have to do is look at the children to know they're enjoying themselves. There's always new things for them to do. Mind you, there's plenty for us adults to do too!"

welcome to the 10th Oxford Scout group